Pigeon Solutions

Brandvet Pigeon Solutions


MULTIVITAMIN-13 is used after a cure of medication, after vaccination, poor condition, stress extreme, differences in temperature, change of pigeon house and to achieve an ideal condition.


4-ACIDS+ reduces multiplication of pathogenic bacteria, such as Salmonella sp., Clostridium perfringens, and E.coli, in the digestive tract. 4-ACIDS+ significantly stimulates pigeons’ appetite, increases water and feed consumption and enhances digestion.


PROTINA contains high in protein (42%) and rich in vitamin B plus Amino acid . Used to stimulate muscle development, promote condition and buoyancy in race birds and help with moulting and growth in youngsters.


IMMUVET contains compounds of plant origin thyme, garlic, cinnamon. The effect of the preparation is founded on the presence of natural plant extracts which contain active substances of diverse action. For example, they have a cidal effect on pigeon pathogens (Eimeria sp, Salmonella sp. E.Coli, Clostridium), and at the same time they strengthen the birds’ natural defensive systems. It is another benefit that – unlike antibiotic treatment – substances of plant origin do not damage a pigeon’s organism or cause a drug-resistance effect to develop in pathogens. IMMUVET can be successfully used regularly for a long time, with no fear of its effectiveness diminishing.


LIVERTIC contains substances of plant origin from: artichoke, betaine; choline Chloride, L-carnitine; inositol; sorbitol. LIVERTIC is a liver regenerating and protecting preparation. It stimulates the functioning of the liver and strengthens and protects the hepatocytic membranes. This enhances all the functions of the organ, including its organism detoxicating capabilities, gives protection against harmful substances (toxins, free radicals, Antibiotics ) and improves the general form and condition of the organism. The herbs contained in LIVERTIC accelerate the creation of new hepatocytes and enhance the digestive function of the liver (boosts bile secretion).


VITA-B+ contains high doses of Vitamin B, amino acids and electrolytes in a de-ned composition. The essential amino acids are readily available and are thus during medication treatments and in the travel time an optimal relief. The numerous high-dose B vitamins are essential for blood formation and nerve tonic during the travel season.


HIENERGY consists to 45% of fat and also contains amino acids, energy sources (dextrose) . This composition ensures the maximal energy supply for competitive, training, breeding,and moulting.


BIO-FRESH Spray solution containing essential oils for improvement of air. It contains destillates of various herbs. These essential oils have been used to maintain the health of the respiratory organs for generations. Use of this product makes pigeons resistant to all kinds of colds.


CONTROL contains short-chain acids that lower the pH value of the drinking water to such an extent that the risk of infection is also lowered. It also contains minerals, trace elements, oregano and cinnamon. This mix together with the acids makes the metabolism more efficient.


DOXVITA contains Doxycycline, which is the golden standard in the treatment of Psittacosis & bacterial infections in cage birds and pigeons. DOXVITA is easy to use formulation makes this product ideal for use in single cage birds. Vitamins and Dextrose added to enhance recovery. DOXVITA high palatability ensures adequate intake.


CIRCLE-B is a mixture of Methionine, Choline and Sorbitol, that regulates the digestive system and purifies the blood and liver for racing pigeons. Improved regeneration properties. Improved physical performance. Promotes the recovery process after strenuous physical exertion. During the breeding, ensures higher rate of the eggs hatching. Stimulates the growth of chicks. Improves the quality of the feathers.


WINNER-P is anabolic protein concentrates for racing pigeons. WINNER-P is an easy-to-digest protein concentrate comprised of protein sources It is characterized by a high degree of pureness as well as an excellent, well-balanced amino acid spectrum.


BIOMONIASIS is natural protection against trichomoniasis. The continued use of regular BIOMONIASIS provides the body of pigeons and birds, a natural resistance against trichomonas. Preventive, 100% natural, against trichomoniasis.


GROWTH-L is a highly-concentrated Lecithin supplement with vitamin E. of all nutriments lecithin is the most important and the most decisive catalyst and factor in metabolism. Improved regeneration properties. Improved physical performance. Promotes the recovery process after strenuous physical exertion. During the breeding, ensures the egg hatching rate higher. Stimulates the growth of chicks.

3 IN 1

3 IN 1 is a masterful mixture prepared water soluble powder for the treatment and control of infections caused by pathogens-ornitosis as Mycoplasma and Chlamydia, bacteria in pigeons and cage birds. For treatment and prevention of: Ornithosis – Chlamydia, Mycoplasmosis, Respiratory infections


RESPISOLVE is a well-balanced formulation based on different natural essential oils based on peppermint, eucalyptus oil, and menthol. The composition of RESPISOLVE helps the pigeons to decrease the amount of excessive mucus in the respiratory tract.


VITA-B is a complex based vitamin B vitamins for pigeons. Suitable after antibiotic treatment with episodes of diarrhea, weakness. Highly recommended for growing chicks. Improve the condition of plumage. Administer after prolonged efforts.


Hygiene for eyes and nostrils. To be administered before basketing and upon returning from race. A clear, isotonic aqueous solution containing chlorhexidine gluconate. Eliminates after 10 minutes and at room temperature all Gram+ and Gram- bacteria. Strong desinfectant. Ideal to check the respiratory organs.


For an optimal digestion and intestinal flora. Promotes digestive processes. Helps with disrupted bowel function and watery, loose discharge, especially in young pigeons. For a healthy bowel movement, purifies the blood. Promotes a healthy intestinal flora.


RECOVERY contains : Garlic (allicin), calcium, glucose and vitamin C. Purifies the blood. Increases the resistance. Ensures a rapid recovery after the flight. Enhances a healthy intestinal flora. For an optimal health and for reinforcing the pigeons after the flight.


TRANSFORM is a preparation with a base of L-Carnitine and magnesium, “it helps transform fat into energy during exercise. It is also recommended for a good recovery after exercise.


Compound based on vitamins and minerals. Especially suitable for growing chicks and breeding females. Helps prevent rickets in chicks spoiled. Improves fertility in breeding females.


Accelerate and ensure a full recovery after competitions. Detoxify the body. Promotes liver function. Regulates metabolism. During the breeding promotes the growth of chicks. During the move is a good supply of amino acids and vitamins to the body.


BIOGANIC is a liquid supplement that combines herbs, essential oils and organic acids, very effective in preventing Salmonella, E-Coli, trichomoniasis, and streptococci. Preventive effect against: Salmonellosis (Oaratyphus), E-coli., Streptococci, Trichomoniasis.


FLUMETHRIN works against ticks, lice, mites and other pests. The pigeons’ head, beak and especially the eyes must be protected. The young without full plumage, feed, eggs and drinking water must also not be sprayed. 


Amprolium and Ethopabate for treatment and prevention of Trichomoniasis and Coccidiosis. COXNIL has a preventive action for returning birds and is administered as treatment in drinking water. dissolves readily in drinking water and is absorbed easily.


SULFAZINE is used for the treatment and prevention of Coccidiosis, Salmonellosis, Bronchitis and pneumonia, and Diarrhea.


A combination of Doxycycline, and Broomhexine, it is a mucus dissolver and it is used for the treatment of bronchial infections combined with mucus in the upper respiratory system.